Wings of Eagles International, Inc. is a mission organization. Our target people group encompasses the underprivileged population of the world. The primary countries in which we work are United States, MEXICO and INDIA, however; we have served in over 50 nations.

Through local outreach, medical crusades, women’s conferences, pastor and leadership teaching seminars, and teen events, we reach thousands each year with the good news of the gospel.

Other Wings of Eagles Ministries

Mustard Tree Productions

is a state-of-the-art audio recording studio located in Lakeland, Florida.

Mustard Tree Productions

Second Chance Training Center of Lakeland

offers a second chance for women with addictive behaviors, who have been in prison, and/or whose lives have been destroyed by domestic violence.

Second Chance Training Center

Chiria Children's Home, Mexico

Chiria Orphanage – Mexico

Established to meet the needs of numerous children living in the streets or in very troubled home situations. It is a refuge for children of all ages from infants to adolescents.

Chiria Children's Orphanage

Outreach Center Lakeland FL


As you shop and save money for your family you are helping the outreach center help those in need.

The Outreach Center

RSS News From Clarks Pacific

  • Conference in Nauru! July 9, 2015
     What an awesome time Shawn and I had in Nauru.  It certainly was a trip to remember!  New connections and a time of refreshing.  This post is little late but I wanted to give you all an update on this trip.  I was the first to go down on the 8th of June and Shawn […]
  • Storm In Majuro! July 9, 2015
    Good day from Majuro, Marshall Islands.  Last week was certainly a busy week.  Here on the compound with had Pastor Juita and his church for four days.  It was a time for the children to learn the Word, pray and have a great time.  It was awesome to see and be a part of what […]
  • Equipment Needs and Update! June 13, 2015
    Good day to you all from the island nation of Nauru. I wanted to take a moment today to update you on some current needs we have in the Marshall Islands. As some of you know the power situation in Majuro, Marshall Islands at times is on and off and expensive. Some years ago we […]
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