Accept Him...

Have you ever really messed up? Felt like dirt? Wished you could start over? Have you ever asked, “Why do I feel empty inside.” Does anyone really care?

These are all good questions – questions that God has real answers for. First, everyone, no matter who you are, has this quest, or feeling within. It’s a result of being separated from God. When God created us, he put a knowledge of Him in our hearts. If you do not believe in God it means that you have reasoned this belief out of your life. You had to first make what God put in you go away, then replace it with your own reasoning. As we get older this becomes easier and easier. It’s like believing a lie, the more you tell it the more you begin to believe it yourself.

This is what you have to ask yourself, “Do I have a real peace in my heart that what I believe is right?” Not in your mind, but in your heart. Your mind will allow you to lie to yourself, your heart will not. If you don’t live with a peace in your soul, or you have this empty feeling, then you need to ask the question, “Why?”

You see, when you accept God’s forgiveness for turning your back on Him (like we all have) [Romans 3:23], there is a reconciliation that begins immediately. Suddenly a spiritual door is open to you that was never open before. This door allows us to see into the realm where God is. God is Spirit and all who come to Him MUST do so by your spirit. [John 4:24]. It starts with FAITH. (Romans 3:22)

A holy God created you and He made a way for you to become holy and forgiven and have a relationship with Him. This is what fills that empty feeling we all have before we come to know God. The way is through Jesus Christ. He was a human (born of a virgin) [Luke 1:26-28] and was also God, (the seed was planted by God). Jesus lived on this earth for 33 years. He was tempted to sin just like you and me [Mark1:13]. However, He refused and overcame the temptation. This made Him sinless and perfect. Then He chose to die in our place [Luke 22:42] and pay for our sin. His sinless blood became the final sacrifice for our sin. Jesus came to the earth during a time that blood sacrifice was the accepted method of payment for sin. It had to be a sacrifice by the shedding of blood. This is why Jesus is called the “Lamb of God”. [John 1:29]

OK, so now you’re interested, What’s next? Eternal life is free. However, it costs us our lives, our empty life of sin. By faith, you ask God to forgive you. Salvation is a free gift, but you must ask for it and then receive it. [Ephesians 2:8-9]. Romans 10:9 & 10 tells you to confess with your mouth (pray) and believe in your heart (faith) that Jesus died and rose from the grave FOR YOU, and you will be saved. History records no other prophet that even claims to have risen from the grave. They are ALL dead. Buddha, Mohammad, Hare Krishna, all of the them except Jesus Christ ­ this is what sets Christianity apart. If Jesus had died, but not conquered death, then His sacrifice was insignificant. If He could not conquer death, then we would have no hope.

Ok, if you are ready, here is a prayer you can say, or you can just put it into your own words:

God, I believe in You. I believe you loved me so much that you sent Your Son Jesus to die for my sins. I believe Jesus Christ defeated death and rose from the grave. Jesus, forgive me for my sin. I invite you into my life. Fill the void in my life and give me Your peace. I choose this day to put you first in my life and follow you the best way I know how. Thank you for giving me eternal life and a more abundant life now. “
[John 10:10]

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