India School Gets a Bus

March 2016
We are rejoicing and praising God here for our new school – and the many positive outcomes coming as a result. In fact, we are already seeing big changes in the community even before the school opens. Thousands of years of superstition and ignorance are ending. Modern education and the Gospel is coming to our people.

india school busWhat a victory! One that has been centuries in coming. The last-minute preparations are underway to dedicate the school in April, and we can’t wait to dedicate this school into the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ – and open the doors in His name. We praise God for His guidance and grace so far.

This new school will be a hub of ministries to the scattered villages and isolated people for miles around. It is both a church and a school in a place where there was none before.

The churches, the government and the whole community is excited. Now with the edition of a school bus we are ready to begin school!

– Forefront Missions

Forefront Mission has opened the school in India

We are so pleased to announce that school enrollment has started we have over 20 students so far for Nursery, Preschool and KG and more are coming. The monsoon is very heavy this year. This is the first day of school for the Nursery students and some pictures of parent meetings before school. Thank you for all your support and prayers for this project.


India Elementary School - More Photos

India Elementary School Photo Update

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