One way we help churches is by our family conferences. We begin ministering to each segment of the church separately. The conferences are Thursday – Sunday and typically follow this type of schedule, the days and times may vary.

Thursday evening– Ministry to Men. By Don Steiner. This is specific ministry to men. We speak about areas of life that are relevant to all all men. Communication, family relationships, parenting, anger management, porn, personal devotions, family devotions, putting into perspective what is most important in life as it relates to our relationship with God and family.

Friday morning– Ministry to Women By Mariaelena Steiner. Specific to women, we outline women’s needs and talk about the role of a wife, mother and the spiritual example the woman can be to everyone she encounters. The strengths of a Godly woman and how to pursue and maintain them in a busy world.

Friday evening– Marriage conference. Both Don and Mariaelena. Here we teach on relationships. Both of the husband and wife and parents and children. We talk about what kind of heritage are we leaving as parents. What we can do to enable our children in their pursuit of a Godly lifestyle. We offer tips on how to avoid worldly traps that are taring apart the family.

Saturday– Church leadership- This is a teaching on church unity. Working together to build up the Body of Christ. What causes growth in a church? What can we do strengthen each other and effectively grow together spiritually? We speak about the five offices of the church (apostle, prophet, pastor, teacher and evangelist), and how they fit together to cause growth.
Everyone has a ministry. Everyone has a calling. Everyone is called to a church body. Faithfulness to that body causes growth.

Saturday evening– Youth ministry- Don and Mariaelena (and our teen boys if they come with us) This is specific ministry to aid this generation in coping with the on-slot of worldly issues that face our youth today. It is not a DON’T DO IT conference. We speak by the leading of the Holy Spirit as we expose the dangers of specific lifestyles and expose the path that leads to destruction. We offer a life changing experience of the demonstration of the Holy Spirit who knows exactly how to touch the hearts of this generation.

Sunday Morning– Don, Mariaelena or both.  We speak to the entire congregation as we wrap up the week with conformation from Heaven with signs and wonders, testimonies and a confirming word of the Lord to set the pace for the church in their pursuit of the fullness of God.