Our primary and most frequently visited nation is Mexico. We have used our aircraft to fly medicine there every year from 1996 to 2008. We stopped using aircraft in 2008 when American drug companies lobbied congress making it illegal to fly medicines across international boarders. However, we continue to work with organizations in Mexico and the mission groups who helped coordinate medical teams in the remote villages. Through these partnerships, we currently operate two elementary schools and one orphanage in Mexico and continue with women conferences, medical outreaches and pastor and leadership training. Read more about each of our operations below!

Chiria Childrens Home

Founded in 2001 Chiria Children’s Home is a foster home for girls that have fallen victim of domestic violence, abandonment and sexual abuse.

Due to the rise in sexual trafficking, addiction and domestic violence in Central America, Chiria Children’s Home specializes in caring for young girls that come from such backgrounds. Located in Tuxtepec, Mexico, Chiria has been providing a safe home, physical and mental health services, education for children who otherwise would have gone without. The children range from K5-12th grade and all receive an education fitting for their grade level.

In 2017, Chiria is planning to move the facility to a more adequate area. We have purchased 50 acres just outside of the city limits where the children and staff feel safer to operate.

We are building a community with clusters of small homes with an activities and a sports center in the middle. Each home will house a total of 6 children and will offer a family atmosphere with the love children need to become healthy adults. We are building classrooms for the school and adequate spaces for the staff members to operate at optimal efficiency.

You can visit the website here, for more information

Alpha Elementary School

Founded in 2002, Alpha’s primary purpose is to reach and educate the underprivileged population of Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Every year since its opening the school has seen an increase in its student body and what started as primarily elementary school now has grades K-8 open for enrollment. Wings of Eagles aids the school in its operations through frequent visits and funding from private donors.

Medical Outreaches

Wings Of Eagles International, Inc. has been doing medical missions for 22 years. Our first medical mission trip in 1995 pioneered the flying of medicine across the Gulf of Mexico to the State of Oaxaca. Since that time we have visited numerous villages throughout Oaxaca, Mexico providing medicine, prayer and hope to the many there that need it. Currently we plan at least one trip a year and hope them to be more frequent in years to come! Check out some photos from our trip from last year.


Cornerstone Kings School

Cornerstone Kings School opened their doors in 2016 to children of the villages of northern India. Dinesh and Rachael Chand are founders of Forefront Ministries. Dinesh originally from Northern India, felt the call to reach his people for Christ. Part of that call is to establish quality schools to provide education to underprivileged children. Wings Of Eagles International, Inc. has worked along side Dinesh since the early 90’s helping to facilitate the calling to reach impoverished children. Cornerstone Kings School is a product of that calling.

Forefront Mission

1989 was the first mission trip made to India. We met an Indian man who had just given his life to Christ. His only desire was to bring the Good News to his people. We began to work with Dinesh by sending him to Bible School in Singapore. In 2000 after marrying his wife Rachael the couple moved to Shimla in North India, they founded North India Community Outreach. Wings Of Eagles International, Inc. works closely with them helping advance the Gospel of Christ in India.

Forefront Has trained hundreds of pastors to work among their people groups bringing the gospel to the unreached. They partner with pastors planting churches in indigenous villages as well as in city/urban areas. Forefront continues to impact thousands of lives through their outreaches and distribution of needed material goods to the people of India. Visit for more information about this partnership!


Clarks Pacific

Leaving their home church in Winter Haven, Florida to serve the people of the Marshall Islands in 2005, Steve and Shawn Clark have poured out their efforts into spreading the love of Jesus to these islands. They presently live on the atoll of Majuro with their three sons where they are involved in a variety of ministries. Some of these include evangelism, leading a training center for pastors/leaders, and working in their K-8 school. It is their heart and passion to make Christ’s name known above all and they show no signs of slowing down! Wings Of Eagles International, Inc. is a proud supporter of the Clarks and the work they do in the south Pacific. Click Here to learn more