A Source of Hope

Through partnership with over 80 non-for-profit organizations (churches and charities) reaching more than 24,000 families annually; through directly serving more than 340 foster families and caregivers throughout our local counties of Polk, Highlands, Hardee and Hillsborough; and through providing essentials to more than 40 of our VFW veterans – Wings of Eagles Community Relief Food Bank is rapidly becoming one of the leading domestic hunger relief organizations in Central Florida.


Upon the passing of our friend Rev. Paul Cahill, Wings of Eagles inherited his ministry known as Cahill Food Bank. Wings Of Eagles and Cahill Food Bank together served the greater Lakeland community for 22 years.

Faithful Donors

Along with other generous donors, Publix Supermarkets endorse Wings of Eagles and provide regular donations of food and household items that enable us to continue this much needed service.

Experience The Difference

We offer quality and convenience to charities who help the under-served communities of Polk County and Greater Lakeland. All food and non-food items are checked and sorted before we place them on display, saving valuable time for our clients as they come in to prepare for outreach events or care for their families. In addition to food and household items, we also have over the counter medicines, appliances and much more.

We provide for foster caregivers, VFW members and 501(c)3 non-profit agencies.

We are not open to the general public.

We presort and check EVERYTHING. This saves time and unnecessary inconvenience for our clients, Come in and get exactly what you are looking for, from food, household items, health & beauty products, over the counter medicines and much more.


Our Food Bank is open Tuesday to Friday 8:30am to 1:30pm,

Thursday late night open to 7:00pm!



Baby – Health and Beauty – Food – Cleaning – Pet – Household – Appliances – DIY – Furniture


How Do I Become A Member?

As a 501(c)3 organization all you need to do is visit or email us to get an application. Then return the form with a copy of your 501(c)3 IRS Determination Letter and current Sunbiz printout. We will print membership cards for up to 6 representatives from your church or organization.

As a Foster Caregiver simply visit or email us to get a list of the Foster Care Agencies who are in partnership with us. Join one of the agencies and you will have immediate access to our Food Bank.

As a VFW member simply come along.


if you have any questions or would like an application please contact us at (863) 665-7700 or email using the form below:


Believers’ Fellowship Church – Pastor Jon Friedt

When the people we serve found out that Cahill food bank was closing they thought that a helpful source of getting food from our church would shut down. The volunteers who work with our food pantry also thought, “Oh no, what will we do?”

When they found out that Wings of Eagles was opening a food bank it was a huge relief to them.

Our food pantry ministry has been helping families in Polk County for the last 15 years. We help 150 families per month every Thursday evening. These families are elderly, homeless, unemployed, on a fixed income or disabled. We have seen families that have been helped transform their life so they no longer need the food assistance. Most of these families come weekly and volunteer to give back to the food pantry that has helped them.

We love the cleanliness and organization of the food bank as well as the speed of the distribution. The product is rotated quickly and ready for us to choose the items we need.


Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health GAP program – Debbie LaBeouf, Community Facilitator

Wings of Eagles food bank is helping the families we serve because the caregivers struggle financially but may not qualify for food stamps because of their income. Wings of Eagles helps them feed their family and get items that they could not afford at retail cost. One caregiver told me, “I am able to make great meals that I could not do otherwise if I had to buy everything at a grocery store”. We serve 200 families per month and 425 children per month throughout Polk County. Many of these families are foster parents or relative caregivers. I am so grateful that we are partnered with you. This helps our families tremendously and I really cannot thank you enough.