Here’s How It All Started …

The Journey Begins

In 1996, the Steiner’s felt called to minister to those in need in the Central Florida area. At first, the ministry began by gathering household items for needy families. These items were gathered from more affluent families and redistributed to undeserved families in the area. Within a year this became a full time operation. We rented a warehouse/office space in Lakeland, Florida right off Lakeland Hills Blvd and from there Outreach Center began providing more and more families with furniture, household items and clothing to families in need.

1997 Wings of Eagles received our first donated airplane. They started by making monthly flights to Mexico with medicine and medical supplies. Teams of medical personnel from the USA and Mexico use the supplies to minister to the needs of the people in the villages. Later, flights were added to Haiti and the Bahamas.

Growth Comes

As WINGS grew both locally and internationally, donations continued to come. During this time of growth the local ministry in Lakeland, Florida became an extension of the local church in caring for the poor and needy, the name changed to The Outreach Center of Central Florida.

The Outreach Center became the link for churches to begin to reach out to the needy. As it became well known in the community, thousands of families and individuals began to get the help they needed.


By 1999, we discovered another group who seemed to have fallen between the cracks of life, women just released from prison. These women came to us for community service hours to fulfill the requirements of their probation or parole. We discovered the conditions of their living environments caused probation violations thus they would return to prison. It was evident that they needed instruction how to stop the cycle of violence and destruction in their lives. The Second Chance Training Center, Inc. was born to give them direction to their lives.



Growth Continues

Wings of Eagles is still consistently serving the community of Central Florida and reaching out globally!
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