Wings Food Bank

Wings Community Relief Food Bank is an outreach ministry of Wings Of Eagles International, Inc.

Our dear friend Rev. Paul Cahill, founder of Cahill Food Bank passed into heaven this past February. Upon his demise his widow Rev. Linda Cahill felt the leading of the Lord to return to their home church in Maine.

Wings Of Eagles International, Inc., and Cahill Food Bank has served side by side in the greater Lakeland community for 22 years and have been partner ministries for the entire time. When Linda Cahill considered who she could trust to continue the food bank she knew Wings would be the right choice. PUBLIX SUPERMARKETS agreed and endorsed Wings Of Eagles International, Inc.

Volunteer Hours
We give community service hours to those that volunteer. If interested in volunteering please call us at (863) 665-7700

Wings Community Relief Food Bank

We offer quality and convenience to charities that help the under-served communities of Polk County and Greater Lakeland.

We work with all foster caregivers and VFW members. (We serve churches, 501c3 non-profit agencies and their members. We are not open to the general public.)

We sort ALL FOOD before we place it on the floor. This saves time for charities. Come in and get exactly what you are looking for to help those you serve. We take the guessing game out of the selection process by removing all food that is not usable. We also have household items, over the counter medicines and more.




Baby – Health and Beauty – Food – Cleaning – Pet – Household

As a 501c3 organization all you need to do is visit or email us to get an application, turn in a copy of your 501c3 IRS determination letter and current Sunbiz printout. We will print member cards for up to 6 representatives from your church or organization.

If you have any questions or would like an application emailed to you please contact us at (863) 665-7700 or email us using the form below



I was very excited when I found out that Wings of Eagles was open because it is a huge help. I have 4 foster children at home ages 6,7,8 and 9 as my child who is 14. I also have 5 children of my own that are grown. My husband and I have been fostering children for six years. We have had brothers Bobby, Kyle and Braden for the last 5 years. When they came to us at ages 2, 3, and 4 the state said they were Ferrell because they could not communicate and were not potty trained. These boys are therapeutic and have needed a lot of attention. Kyle is now in Elementary school and on the Honor Roll. We have also seen big improvements in Bobby and Braden.

When we found out that Cahill food bank was closing we thought what are we going to do? Later we found out that Wings of Eagles was opening a food bank and we were very happy that they are closer to our location and that we can still get the items we need. The facility is clean and has air conditioning which helps make our experience better.

We use the food we get from Wings of Eagles for the missionary families that help at our camp and in the dining hall to feed the kids when they come. The medical supplies we receive like band aids and aspirin are helpful too because I am the camp nurse and we use them for the kids in our camp infirmary.

Camp Gilead offers children, families, churches, and groups a life-transforming adventure and a fun, safe, Christ-centered environment in which to LEARN, EXPLORE, and GROW. Camp Gilead has been helping families for 78 years since it opened in 1938. They believe in changing lives one heart at a time.

When the people we serve found out that Cahill food bank was closing they thought that a helpful source of getting food from our church would shut down. The volunteers who work with our food pantry also thought, “Oh no, what will we do?” When they found out that Wings of Eagles was opening a food bank it was a huge relief to them.

Our food pantry ministry has been helping families in Polk County for the last 15 years. We help 150 families per month every Thursday evening. These families are elderly, homeless, unemployed, on a fixed income or disabled. We have seen families that have been helped transform their life so they no longer need the food assistance. Most of these families come weekly and volunteer to give back to the food pantry that has helped them.

We love the cleanliness and organization of the warehouse as well as the speed of the distribution. The product is rotated quickly and ready for us to choose the items we need.

Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health GAP program (Guardians as Parents) Debbie LaBeouf, Community Facilitator

Wings of Eagles food bank is helping the families we serve because the caregivers struggle financially but may not qualify for food stamps because of their income. Wings of Eagles helps them feed their family and get items that they could not afford at retail cost. One caregiver told me, “I am able to make great meals that I could not do otherwise if I had to buy everything at a grocery store”. We serve 200 families per month and 425 children per month throughout Polk County. Many of these families are foster parents or relative caregivers. I am so grateful that we are partnered with you. This helps our families tremendously and I really cannot thank you enough.

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